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On-Demand Entertainment System:
A New Generation of cutting edge future services which talks to every human being everywhere and every time.
This system aims to direct the technology revolution and power of internet to higher levels of thinking, achievements and unique human skills.

So, this system opens the gate for every talented, creator, ambitious, and who is willing to draw the future.

To conclude, the evidence suggests that On-Demand Entertainment system is a one world that gathers between Happiness and Productivity.

Dr. Mohammed Mufarreh

Trfihi World

Trfihi World

(Entertainment) a shared desire and need for people in different races, ages and affiliations ..
And helps to consolidate social relations among them ..
It allows development and learning about other cultures in a wide range.
Because it is an acceptable and enjoyable optional activity for the individual (and group) ..
Because it is associated with social, cultural, educational, sports, behavioral or other value.
So it is overlapping with all joints of life .. And not just a loss of time ..


Is it possible to live in a world that gather between Happiness & Productivity?

Of Course, in world of (Entertainment On Demand)

Entertainment helps in discovering talents, professional skills and capabilities, performance development and planners & Leaders Qualification at all the different work environments.

Entertainment opens the gate to investment, job opportunities and opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors ..

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