Tota Moody TRFIHI Club

Tota Moody Tarfihi Club


A project created and developed by ( Happiness colors company for Entertainment)


Target group: Young people- of both genders – from the age of 4 years


Reason for Development:

Studies have found that providing a smart, recreational environment that gives the chance of experiencing is the best way to discover talent early. So we developed a smart entertainment club system.


Tota Moody Club gives the next generation, in In various stages of study, the chance to try the most experiences in a fun setting which helps them and their parents to discover and direct their talents, skills and abilities from an early age. It also contributes to the discovery and development of their personalities, behavior and health as well as opening their knowledge prospects. In addition, it develops their motor- intelligence in a non-educational and indirect way without any kind of regulatory restrictions.



 Club Services:

  • Interactive recreational area.
  • Multi-activity recreational park area.
  • Sports playground area .
  • Fun hall area( Multi-use) in which competitions, group activities, stories, role plays, smart library, visual presentations, courses and programs based on education and entertainment are all presented.
  • The Future Person Services Area where a club member can find the services he wants, such as helping him register for an international competition, coordinating a visit to a factory, etc.