MenuTaiment Project


A project created and implemented by (Happiness Colors Company for Entertainment)..

MenuTaiment An innovative project that transforms the (on-demand entertainment) sector into one of the most important services in the future.

MenuTaiment Aims to provide services and recreational means that contribute to increase happiness and productivity, and achieve many of the benefits and returns of direct and indirect individuals and institutions.

MenuTaiment provides a basic and renewable list of entertainment that can be offered to you during your stay or waiting somewhere.

MenuTaiment makes it easy to get entertainment (part-time) for any family, group or individual at no high cost .. Enjoy the expensive entertainment that can not be bought or large enough that can not be stored, maintained and used easily ..

It will also be in keeping with the renewal and development that brings with the entertainment more knowledge and punctual pleasure ..

MenuTaiment opens up employment opportunities and investment opportunities and new areas of income for many projects, institutions and individuals ..


1.MenuTaiment (Family)

Where you can get a membership of the Home Entertainment Club, which allows the family each week to receive the means and tools of entertainment and new games, they have to stay for a full week where they are experiencing the experiences and discover more of their talents and skills and communicate with each other inside the house .. Next week will receive new entertainment tools.


2. MenuTaiment Private and government companies

A unique package of recreational services that make the work environment more positive and happy, increase the loyalty and productivity of all employees, and contribute to the programs of institutional development and self-motivation.


3. MenuTaiment Hotels & Resorts

It offers a variety of in-room entertainment, pool and in-house seating during the stay to make guests more enjoyable and give them new fun experiences.


4. MenuTaiment Educational Institutions

offer Schools (from the Nursery stage to the university stage) a range of games and entertainment tools that contribute to the improvement of the learning process and help to discover talents and skills and to increase students' pleasure, happiness and ability to understand and interact.  

5. MenuTaiment Parks & Utilities

Provides a range of interactive entertainment tools and programs for groups of friends and families, especially young and old.


6. MenuTaiment Specialized institutions (such as airports)

The level of services provided in specialized facilities which has spaces and long waiting times such as airports to serve passengers.


Details of MenuTaiment Private and government companies:

1st  service:

The development of human resources by entertainment: through the application of theories (edutainment) and (skillstainment) and (game theory) and (discover talent by entertainment) ..

A) Interactive development programs

b) Recreational tools used in training

Second service:

Develop and manage the (Recreation center) within the organization by providing a variety of interactive recreational facilities that are suitable for the environment, nature and capabilities of the institutions.

Third Service:

(Home Entertainment Club) for the employees of the company, which provides a range of entertainment that suits the whole family, the employees of the institutions can get membership of the club with an encouraging annual cost.. Each week to get entertainment for him and his family enjoy a full week at home Then bring it back for new entertainment and games.

Fourth Service:

Creating and developing interactive entertainment events for individuals, private and public institutions.


MenuTaiment show:

1. A wide range of value added entertainment that has not been tried before.

2. Interactive group games that do not depend on luck, but on discovering the talents and skills that an individual may know within him for the first time in the experiment.

3. Recreational activities contribute to instilling important values ​​such as cooperation, initiative and focus ..

4. Renewable activities and entertainment that help you spend time with your colleagues and friends while learning, experimenting and gaining new experiences.


MenuTaiment lets you experience everything that is fun and new with a rental value instead of a purchase..

Increases pleasure and happiness and develops the spirit of competition to reach higher levels of success through the world of unlimited entertainment..


Investment and Franchising