Trfihi parks platform platform

A project created and developed by (Happiness Colors Company for Entertainment)..


The first and largest platform for green public parks .. Gardens are the lungs of life in which we breathe comfort and convenience ..

Despite the existence of dozens of parks in the capitals and cities and major provinces in each country ..

Although the gardens are scattered in every big or small city.. even in developing countries ..

And with the breadth of its areas and potential .. And distinguished sites of many of them ..

There are no companies specialized in the management of recreational parks .. !! Like hotel companies ..


TRFIHI-PARKS platform is a smart technology used with a variety of recreational programs (competitions, parties, family games, school trips, etc.) that suit the aspirations, interests and level of the target audience for the garden.

Future parks .. With TRFIHI platform:

- Parks that have been developed or modified according to recreational criteria that make them suitable for all considerations and conditions (air, space, and the target social category)

- Distinctive gardens are evaluated according to their potentials, which contribute to their development and achieve social and economic feasibility.

- Each park has a comparative advantage that distinguishes it from others .. and makes it visible from social and investment viewpoint.



We developed and launched the first version of the first and largest electronic platform that brings together the world's parks.

It includes an explanation on the model of TRFIHI park standards + entertainment system for recreational parks ..

Open the door for every government organization that manage a range of public parks and wants to activate them recreationally ..

To find a technical integrated solution, marketing and entertainment ..


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