A project created and developed by (Happiness Colors Company for Entertainment)..


Future shape of the restaurants and coffee  shop ..


An innovative idea designed for young people and adults .. for groups of families, friends, co-workers and others ..


To spend their time with greater pleasure and live the meaning of positive, productive and unlimited happiness.


They experience varied interactive experiences each time, with family members, friends, colleagues and colleagues.


TRFIHI-SHOP offers a range of recreational services, which are new by meeting in one place .. Which will move the community to the horizons of future entertainment services ..


Or as directed to young people and adults of both sexes .. and not to children ..


Or as they exceed traditional service standards.


And the fact that it combines originality and renewal .. Between local and global .. And between competitiveness and integration ..


TRFIHI-SHOP is based on offering three lists of recreational services:


First List:

(Menutaiment), which provides fun games and entertainment group .. ..


Second List:

(Menu fun), which provides a list of meals and drinks are renewed, which represent enjoyable experiences ..

Where the visitor can work the carrot juice himself ..

Or make a cup of cappuccino in his own way .. or prepare his favorite sandwiches ..

He also can bring food with him from abroad and sometimes find home products available to him ..

And other interesting experiences ..


Third List:

(success Menu) which is an extended horizon of unlimited services ..

Where you will find a smart business center for work that does not feel separated from your happy world ..

And screens for our monthly selections and to see, hear and share what you want ..

And a space to show, shop and sell your products and creations ..

And the corner of the future where you test your skills and learn the stories and experiences of success and the experiences of others ..

A great space for the unique recreational experiences that keeps in memory and does not go away.



dedicated to the time available in our lives every day


It gives us renewed fun .. Where we need to go out to discover new fun ..


We need a place to meet and entertain and experience new ones .. as a group ..


We need a place where we highlight tangible and intangible talents and creations.




Has a lot to offer.. It can be implemented in several models to suit all categories of society.. in malls, universities, parks, beaches and others ..



Is the ideal entertainment project to transform the future dreams of the creators into a reality that is meaningful and enjoyable.