Entertainment World

(Entertainment) a shared desire and need for people in different races, ages and affiliations ..
And helps to consolidate social relations among them ..
It allows development and learning about other cultures in a wide range.
Because it is an acceptable and enjoyable optional activity for the individual (and group) ..
Because it is associated with social, cultural, educational, sports, behavioral or other value.
So it is overlapping with all joints of life .. And not just a loss of time ..
What are entertainment activities?
The world of entertainment is wide and very extended .. In many types, some appeared as a whole entertainment sector ..
  Games and entertainment cities 
  Tourism, travel, hotels and beaches 
  Restaurants & Coffee Shop 
  Markets and malls 
  Sports and Clubs 
  Technology and social media
  Cinema, theater, concerts and cultural exhibitions 
(Entertainment) a very large University.. where a lot of colleges..
No matter how much these colleges are.. 
The University will remain the starting point, center of integration, point of strength and source of inspiration.
Areas in which entertainment can enters and make a big difference:
1. Learning areas, skills development, knowledge and talent discovery
2. The area of ​​motivation and raising individual and institutional productivity
3. Public awareness and health awareness
4. Enhancing social relations
5. Culture, sports and media fields
6. The field of economic development, employment opportunities and investment for individuals and institutions. 
(On-Demand Entertainment) affects the economy and society
(On-Demand Entertainment) offers opportunities for discovery, excellence and knowledge in future life (for young people) and opportunities for balance and pleasure (for adults) ..
(On-Demand Entertainment) is based on the provision of valuable alternatives not traditional alternatives, such as the development of many places, activities and entertainment programs that move tourism..
(On-Demand Entertainment) is an ideal way to develop the educational aspect and support the educational process and to create a successful model based on skills and positive values ​​ ..
On-Demand Entertainment) contributes to the discovery of talent and professional abilities and to develop performance and behavior and to qualify leaders and planners in different working environments ..
(On-Demand Entertainment) opens the horizons of renewal, creativity, diversification and development of services to the public and private sectors and all segments of society to enrich the intellectual, economic and social mobility
(On-Demand Entertainment) contributes to the production and provision of more materials and programs that suit the wishes of individuals and groups in the media sector
(On-Demand Entertainment) opens more opportunities and channels of investment, job opportunities (for entrepreneurs and investors) ..
(On-Demand Entertainment) helps in the transfer and exchange of expertise, specialized and general experience and knowledge which help to reach the levels of global standards in various fields ..
Founder, Chairman 
Dr. Mohammed Yahya Al Mufarreh