Our Story (Founder Message)

                                                                                                                                                                             Like Everyone, Every day, I've thought of Two Choices

First Choice:

The first choice is to consider myself as a part of this life, to satisfy with all the life alternatives even if it doesn't meet my expectations, desires, needs or even don't adequate to my age. All that without any control of time, place or its cost.


Second Choice: The second choice is To start to write my life story ..start to make my day and create my happiness according to my demand .. Moreover, to pave the way for anyone, anywhere to create on-demand happiness.


While thinking, as every man, I've noticed a lot of phenomena:

- Too many people can't find the suitable entertainment opportunities which make them happy and satisfied. - Too many people of talents and skilled ones can't find the suitable job, despite their sense of humor and benefits. - Too many people who are prominent and successful at their work depend mainly on their skills and relations more than their specialization - Education by traditional methods with no opportunity for new methods

such as

(Skillstainment and Edutainment ) ,To illustrate, Education by Entertainment.

On the other hand, the result of studying all the above phenomena is that There are two separated worlds that we live in.


(Productivity World) where we've live at home, school, work, and other places where there are regulations, responsibilities and systems.

(Happiness World) When we've live and felt free from productivity world, at market, entertainment places, beach, celebrations and others.

So, the Question here should be:

Can we live in a world that gathers between Happiness Productivity alike?!

 to answer this question, I've created            

                                                   On-Demand Entertainment System  

        A New Generation of cutting edge future services which talks to every human being                                                                  everywhere and every time.

This system aims to direct the technology revolution and power of internet to higher levels of thinking, achievements and unique human skills. So, in order to apply this system, I've established my company to be named as

(Happiness Colors)  To manage this on-demand entertainment system which will take us to the excited parallel world that control our everyday life.

             (Trfihi World) or Entertainment World, where Happiness and Productivity are mixed together..


- We've launched three entertainment projects that can provide all people with all itّ's services,anywhere and anytime .

- We've developed eight entertainment web solutions and platforms  that can connect (Trfihi world) projects with each other's and make it easy for anyone and any organization who want to join it.

- We've finished the plans of launching eight specialized entertainment clubs

We've established On-Demand Entertainment Research Development Center to present

- A unique and large package of unprecedented entertainment services.


Our Vision:

To Be Creative at (On-Demand Entertainment System) where Happiness and Productivity are merged together


Our Fundamentals:

-    We're playing to discover talents, develop skills and build the future depending on Knowledge.

-    We're going to submit the idea of individual experiences to reach the idea of unlimited group experiences.

-    We're going to spread the Happiness every day and everywhere.


Our Story Chapters:


Chapter I

Launching the first international web platform for Entertainment services and tools .. the biggest bank for all games and entertainment tools which will be available any time and anywhere and for anyone and any groups


Chapter II Developing of Entertainment Experiences, so that we can make the happy times much longer and can leave in our minds beautiful memories in all life sectors such as: Work, Family, Education, Sport, Volunteering and others.


Chapter III Development, Marketing and Operation of Entertainment Projects with building a professional Integrated System of Technical Entertainment Solutions that is distinguished as triple-loop: (Governments – Organizations – Individuals)


Heroes of the story:

 As we begin to turn the future .. And drive the journey of human transition of life between two worlds ..

To life in one world ..

I send a message to all the initiators - the creators - the future advisors - and the talented and distinguished talents - and investors .. Anyone who wants to write a new story .. instead of being part of the story of life .. And anyone who wants to play the role of heroism .. the real ..

Be the heroes of entertainment The system (Od-Demand entertainment) welcomes him.. (Happiness Colors Entertainment) looks forward to participating ..  


                                                        Founder, Chairman   

                                                Dr. Mohammed Yahya Al Mufarreh