Investment opportunities


Investment opportunities

Happiness Colors Company for Entertainment has developed several new projects.

Which offers a package of services, technical platforms, and entertaining products and projects… with a fruitful profit. ..

Which can be launched in the right place .. right on time .. With partners - investors and entertainment projects owners- the talented and others ..


First: MenuTaiment Investment opportunities


1. MenuTaiment home entertainment (Family)

2. MenuTaiment Private and government companies

3. MenuTaiment Hotels & Resorts

4. MenuTaiment Educational Institutions

5. MenuTaiment Parks & Utilities

6. MenuTaiment Specialized agencies (such as airports and hospitals)


Second: Investment Opportunities in (On-Demand Entertainment  R&D Center)


1. Studies and consultations on entertainment

2. TRFIHI Academy

3. TRFIHI Training Center

4. Entertainment Encyclopedia (Sponsorship)


Third: Investment opportunities in specific entertainment projects


1. TRFIHI Platform project

2. TRFIHI-Shop project


4. Family Resort Project

5. Oasis Project Entertainment


Fourth: : Investment opportunities in innovated entertainment clubs


1. best years of life Entertainment Club

2. Tota-Moody Children's Trfihi Club (fun&talents)

3. The World Sports Trfihi Club

4. Future Scientists and Creatives Trfihi Club

5. The Professional Trfihi t Workshops club

6. Bustan Al-Ward Club (ladies and children's

     garden) - Social Responsibility

7. Virtual Entertainment Clubs Project - Social Responsibility

8. The Neighborhood Trfihi Club for Mothers and Children - Social Responsibility


Fifth: Investment opportunities in technical Entertainment Solutions and Programs


1. Platform project

2. TRFIHI MAP project

3. TRFIHI-MATES Application

4. TRFIHI-PARKS Platform


6. TRFIHI PLACES Application

7. TRFIHI-SPORTS Application



Sixth: privilege rights and project operating agencies


(Happiness Colors Company for Entertainment) is contracted according grant privilege right to operate any of the previous projects in a specific geographical region according to the expansion plan.